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Bringing exceptional people together.

Successful companies use comprehensive employment assessment tools to gain a competitive advantage and help ensure that exceptional talent is added to their teams. "The most expensive problems companies deal with today can be solved with a better understanding of the people they employ." ~ PXT Select™
When your company retains our executive search services, you can expect a personal and comprehensive approach to finding great people.
As part of our extensive candidate development process, Maitland Partners Executive Search partners with PXT Select™ to assist in screening and assessing candidates, evaluating organizational culture and fit, uncovering strengths and weaknesses and discovering specific development needs to determine job fit and leadership profile and style. Among many other variables, this tool enables us to identify, measure and assess:
  • Thinking style (can they do the job)
  • Behavioral traits (how will they do the job)
  • Personal interests (why they like doing the job -- will they be happy doing the job)
  • We can even customize PXT Select according to geographic location, job description and other employee position specs/criteria

Our process includes an online assessment, telephonic interview with Maitland Partners organizational development staff, client reports including benchmarking against individuals in similar roles, and "after-hire" coaching sessions for the client to ensure a solid onboarding process.


Contact us at 951-848-6626 to learn more about our executive search experience and services
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For roles that are NOT suited for retained search or that would not fall within the retained search model, we have "unbundled" the assessment portion of our candidate development process and offer three (3) production options to employers and/or HR department leaders to use in their best practices for hiring employees.


Option 1

PXT Select™ Assessment

  • Candidate completes online assessment, client gets report based on benchmarked role ($599)


Option 2

PXT Select™ Assessment and Behavioral Interview

  • Candidate completes online assessment, has telephone behavior interview with Maitland Partners Organizational Development Staff, client gets report encompassing all relevant information ($999)


Option 3

PXT Select™ Assessment, Behavioral Interview & Onboarding

  • Candidate completes online assessment, has telephone interview with Maitland Partners Organizational Development Staff, client receives report and six (6) half hour coaching sessions for the client/candidate to ensure a solid onboarding process ($1,499)

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