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Reinventing the search process.


What does it mean?

"Reinventing the retained search experience." It's a pretty bold claim, but what does it really mean?

At Maitland Partners, we looked at the standard retained model and asked our clients, "what don't you like about it?"


The answers:

  • Too heavy a reliance on job boards and candidates in transition 

  • Low understanding of the value of assessments

  • Little skill or structure to interviews

  • Fee structure (% of compensation) that often results in significantly higher fees than initially anticipated and monthly expense fees that reflect the overhead cost, not search-related expenses


Our response:

  • World class research performed by highly qualified professionals experienced at sourcing executive talent not necessarily looking for their next role 

  • Detailed assessment tools and behavioral interviews completed by experienced organizational development professionals

  • A tiered flat-fee structure -- what we agree what you pay

  • Expense charges that relate to the search only (travel, etc.) with no "general expense" charges


The end result:

  • A full service retained executive search experience that saves clients thousands of dollars

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