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Search process.


Where skill seamlessly integrates
with and enriches culture.

As part of redefining the retained executive search process, Maitland Partners has enhanced the industry standard candidate development process through assessments and organizational development tools. Our knowledge and experience, help us move swiftly through the search process, meeting and exceeding client expectations while ensuring the right placement for the unique needs of your business.


Stakeholder Investment

To ensure a successful outcome, we spend a considerable amount of upfront time with our clients interviewing key stakeholders about the role, getting to know the values and vision of the organization, learning the makeup and bench strength of the existing team and identifying which competencies and styles will be most successful for the placement. Stakeholder investment requires time commitment on the part of the client and search firm. A willingness to engage.



Position Description

The creation of a credible and compelling marketing document is critical for selling the opportunity. Maitland Partners is experienced at crafting persuasive position descriptions for executive-level positions. Every position description is tailored for individual clients and includes key information from the stakeholder investment phase.



Industry Due Diligence

This vital step in the process requires assimilating relevant competitive market data to strategically position our clients in the talent marketplace as well as providing market intelligence. We develop a relevant target list, competitive leadership team maps, identify significant industry trends and the competitive landscape of your business; acting as your agent in the marketplace, we uphold your image, reputation and strict confidentiality.



Research and Candidate Development

Because Maitland Partners limits the number of engagements we take on at any given time, we are in a unique position to delve deeper into individual backgrounds, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. We are certified in the use of the PXT Select™ assessment and, along with behavioral interviews conducted by organizational development professionals, employ an extensive candidate assessment process. All of this information is instrumental when Jim MacNee meets a candidate to conduct a face-to-face or video call interview. It is our goal to ensure a fit not only with the required skill sets, but to select an executive who will add to, enhance, and complement the culture of the organization.



Candidate Presentation

Candidates can be presented as a “slate” or on an individual rolling basis as they are vetted – based on client preference. All of our candidates are presented with confidence based on a certain degree of early-stage referencing.



Offer Negotiation

We will work closely with you and the candidate to set and manage appropriate offer expectations and assist with all facets of a candidate’s decision-making process (relocation, spousal/family concerns, opportunities for the future, etc.). Our job is to get to know everything there is to know about our candidates and our clients.




As a finalist candidate emerges, formal referencing begins. Truly informative referencing is one of our hallmarks and all are completed personally by Jim MacNee. It is our intent to get at the heart of what a candidate is like to work with, what motivates him/her, what the possibilities are, and any foreseeable risks. Our final reference reports are above all else credible and factual – our reputation depends on it.



Placement Follow-Through

Experience tells us that the candidate’s first three months are the most critical for long-term success, and a wrong step can quickly become a major roadblock. Once our placements are on board, Maitland Partners will have regular check-ins with the client and the candidate in an effort to provide unvarnished feedback and act as a helpful onboarding and cultural advisor. Where necessary, we will employ our organizational development staff to coach both the employee and hiring manager.



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